‘Change Begins with Me’ Exhibition Now Open to the Public

HMLC will open its first new exhibition in ten years.  The exhibition entitled Change Begins with Me – Confronting Hate, Discrimination and Ethnic Conflict, deals with issues related to post-Holocaust genocide, hate and discrimination in today’s world.

The exhibition is technology based and has a touch screen monitor that allows visitors to access information about contemporary issues.  A great feature of the exhibition is that the viewer can e-mail any narratives or other information to their home or the classroom to conduct further discussions about what they’ve learned.

The exhibition also houses three small computers that allow visitors to do further reasearch on any of the subjects they’ve learned during their visit.   The new exhibit is a permanent installation and stories will be updated and changed throughout the year.

Listen to the St. Louis On The Air interview with Don Marsh about this new exhibition.  Professors Warren Rosenblum and Mike Hulsizer of Webster University and Director Jean Cavender talk about how the new exhibition evolved.


For more information call 314-442-3711.

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