Post-Visit Activities

A visit to the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center will raise many questions in the minds of visitors as well as heighten and intensify their emotions. The following activities are designed to help you deal with students’ questions and concerns and channel their energy into a meaningful learning experience.

  1. Discuss the following questions with your students:

    What questions does a study of the Holocaust raise about:

    a) the world we live in today?

    b) life in the United States?

    c) other periods in human history?

    d) war, the making of enemies, and the ethics of warfare?

    e) the effects of prejudice and discrimination and the existence of hate groups?

    f) human behavior and its impact on other human beings?

  2. Have students write an essay describing their questions and feelings after having visited the Holocaust Center. (The Center is very interested in having copies of essays, which illustrate the impact of a visit on students.)

  3. Have students put on a dramatic presentation or dramatic readings in class on the Holocaust or a related subject.

  4. Have students express their feelings about the visit through an art project.

  5. Have students write letters to the docents who led them through the exhibits and to the survivors who spoke to them expressing their personal feelings about how the visit affected them. The letters should be addressed to the Holocaust Museum & Learning Center, which will forward them to the appropriate party.