Student Art & Writing Contest

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The Art and Writing contest is a wonderful opportunity for young people who have visited the Museum or studied the Holocaust in their classrooms to respond creatively to what they have learned.

This important outreach program was established with the support of Dr. Ira (of blessed memory) and Judy Gall and is dedicated to the memory of the 1.5 million children who perished during the Holocaust and in honor of the Galls’ grandchildren. Cash prizes are awarded to the winners and winning submissions are displayed in the Holocaust Museum Theater and at other locations.

2016 Winners of the Art & Writing Contest

VISUAL ARTS – Division 1 Middle School
First Place: Imprisoned, Emily Hoffman, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, 8th Grade
Second Place: Untitled, Ari Perryman, Wydown Middle School, 6th Grade
Third Place: We Are One, MJ Bournstein, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade
Shattered, Andrew Nwacha, St. Mary’s, 8th Grade

Special Honorable Mention
, created by Elaine Eversgerd’s 8th grade class, Hazelwood West Middle School. Aaron Boulch, Maddie Davenport, Joanna Dearman, Aaron Hotze, Savanna Pestka, Emily Potter, Maddie Wahby and Grace Winters.

Honorable Mentions
Don’t Look, Samantha He, Bernard Middle School, 8th Grade
The Horror, Rhune Verbrugge, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade
Working Jews to Death, William Turner, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade
The Reflection of History, Diya Sakhrani, Fort Zumwalt South Middle School, 8th Grade
Bielski Partisans (Hiding Then Resisting), Gabriel Perryman, Katy Junior High School, Katy, TX, 7th Grade

VISUAL ARTS – Division 2 High School
First Place: The Darkest Light, Christian Oryan Wolfe Flottmann, Central R-3 High School, 11th Grade
Second Place: NEVER AGAIN, Kyle FitzGibbon, Missouri Hills Bissell Hall, 11th Grade
Third Place: Untitled, Zeke Webb, East Carter Co. Rt. 2 School, 10th Grade

WRITING – Division 1 Middle School
First Place: This Poem Cannot Exceed 1,000 Words, Alex Madaras, Crestview Middle School, 8th Grade
Second Place: Holocaust Poem, Josh Lyles, St. Gabriel School, 8th Grade
Third Place: Flame, Katie Hastings, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade
A World in Color, Kylie Alexis Rollings, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade

Honorable Mentions
Am I Responsible?
, Belle Gage, Wydown Middle School, 7th Grade
The Story, Andrew Porterfield, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, 8th Grade
Letters of the Past, Erica Stewart, Fort Zumwalt South Middle School, 8th Grade
Cry of Glory, Hannah Volz, North Kirkwood Middle School, 8th Grade
Starved, Delaney Reprogle, Fox Middle School, 8th Grade
In My Children’s Eyes, Hadleigh Bachman, St. Gabriel School, 8th Grade

WRITING – Division 2 High School
First Place: Taking Out the Garbage, Tamsyn Brann, Ardsley High School, 11th Grade
Second Place: The Forest of Flames, Talia Raikin, Jack M. Barrack Hebrew School, 11th Grade
Third Place: Where Were You?, Jax Egan, St. James Academy, 9th Grade
The Inescapable Fall, Katie McIntyre, St. James Academy, 9th Grade

Honorable Mentions
Wake Up, 
Lupita Contreras, Golden High School, 10th Grade
Light in the Dark, Emily Prost, St. Vincent de Paul, 10th Grade
We Cannot Forget, Ashley Raskin, Crossroads College Preparatory School, 9th Grade
Running Out of Time, Samantha Russell, St. James Academy, 9th Grade

Thanks to Nikki Goldfeder and Myrna Meyer.

Special thanks to our contest judges:
Writing: Andrea Brownstein, Julie Frankel, Sandy Snodgrass
Visual Arts: Gary Godwin, Jeff Hartz, John Lesser

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HMLC Staff:
Jean Cavender, Director
Daniel A. Reich, Curator & Director of Education
Andrew Goldfeder, Manager of Programs and Logistics

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