Hannah Arendt to Screen at HMLC

Hannah Arendt to Screen at HMLC

The next film in the Sandra and Mendel Rosenberg Sunday Afternoon Film Series will be Hannah Arendt, screening at 1pm on August 24, 2014, in the Holocaust Museum’s theatre in the Jewish Federation Kopolow Building, 12 Millstone Campus Drive. Barbara Sukowa gives a dynamic, nuanced performance as Hannah Arendt, the German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist. Arendt created controversy and notoriety with her writings on the role of Jewish councils during the Holocaust and Adolf Eichmann and the “banality of evil.” Directed by Margarethe von Trotta, Hannah Arendt, will screenin English with some subtitled German, French and Hebrew, with a running time of 113 minutes.

Introductory remarks and a post screening discussion will be facilitated by Erin McGlothlin, associate professor of German and Jewish Studies at Washington University. In 2006, Dr. McGlothlin published Second Generation Holocaust Literature: Legacies of Survival and Perpetration. Films in this Sunday series are free and open to the public. For further information, call 314-442-3714 or email dreich@jfedstl.org.

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