Memory Project

Dear Visitor,

     Welcome to the website of the St. Louis Memory Project. May your visit be a rich opportunity for you to experience something of the lives and writings of Holocaust survivors who live in the St. Louis region. The writings presented at this site emanate directly from the peer feedback and learning opportunities afforded within the monthly Memory Project workshop sessions, three hours in length, modeled after those begun at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

     The Memory Project participants are well aware that the act of writing is not simply a one-time action; it is, rather, an ongoing process of rethinking and revising to help their texts communicate to a reader as much of the fullness of the writers’ experiences as possible. A definite ration of courage is required of the survivor-participants, whose native language is seldom, if ever, English, to share the texts of their life stories, and they strive to maintain a working atmosphere that affords both a sense of comfort with and support for their colleagues.

     Since new writings will regularly be added, you are invited to revisit this site from time to time. Should you desire to reprint these writing for educational or other purposes, you may request permission by writing me at I will contact the author and reply to you.

May you be moved by these life stories, may you ponder the unique riches they contain for you (painful as they may be), may you reflect often on your own life story, and may you work to make your own community more respectful and compassionate.

With best wishes,
Robert J. Hutcheson, Ph.D.
Teacher/Facilitator, The Memory Project