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The Holocaust Museum & Learning Center preserves the legacy of the Holocaust, educates about its causes and empowers visitors to make the world a more tolerant place by rejecting all forms of hate, racism and bigotry.


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What’s Happening at HMLC

HMLC Summer Teacher Institute

Date and Time: June 17-20, 2018

LocationWebster University in St. Louis Missouri; one day trip to St. Louis Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

The HMLC Summer Teacher Institute is designed for middle and high school educators from a variety of disciplines, who currently teach, or are contemplating teaching about the Holocaust. Educators will learn about rationales, guidelines, strategies and approaches to teaching this complex subject. Learn more.

1988 – Fifty Years Later

The following story was written by Liz Lippa and shared as part of the Memory Project. I was born in Vienna, Austria in the month of January in the fateful year of 1938. In March of 1938, Hitler and the Nazi army marched into the city, changing our lives forever. By...

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A Birthday Gift from my Mother

The following story was written by Liz Lippa and shared as part of the Memory Project. I have just spent the last year living through two difficult health issues. One was a car accident, when my own car ran over me and came to rest on my left leg, just above my knee....

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