Teaching the Holocaust

Teaching the Holocaust to middle, high school or college age students is no easy feat, but by learning the history, the next generation can work to ensure it does not repeat itself.

Resources for Teaching the Holocaust

A variety of resources are available free of charge for educators to teach about the Holocaust.

  • Workshops Holocaust education and diversity training is available for Missouri middle and high school teachers. We provide both half-day and full-day workshops for teachers of history, English, social studies and other appropriate fields.
  • School Trips Each year, over 22,000 students from middle schools, high schools, and colleges visit the Museum to learn the history and lessons of the Holocaust. If you’re interested in scheduling a guided tour, please fill out a request form.
  • Classroom Activities A visit to the Holocaust Museum does not eliminate the need for classroom learning. Review these classroom activities to enhance students’ learning both before and after your visit.
  • Suggested Reading We’ve compiled a reading list with over 100 readings to deepen your students’ understanding of the events and time period. The readings are broken up by the recommended grade level, from fourth grade through high school and adulthood.
  • Programs We host a variety of educational programs for students learning about the Holocaust, including art and writing contests and a trunk program.
  • The Staenberg Education Trunk Program – This program is designed to give a teacher the tools to enhance his/her Holocaust curriculum by sending them a trunk stocked with books, maps, and films they can use in the classroom. The Museum has 10 middle school trunks and 9 used for high school.


Explore Oral Histories

Engage with the voices of survivors, liberators, witnesses and more, a project orchestrated and funded by Vida “Sister” Goldman Prince.

Listen to Oral Histories